Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Designing a Shirt for Marketing

So you have designed a logo that is both creative and informative.  Most importantly, it's memorable and easy to look at.  Now you need to know how to use your design effectively.  Oftentimes this means creating another design on a t-shirt or billboard, of which your logo is an important part. 

Advertising is an incredibly important part of making any business successful.  A fantastic way to spread the word about your business is by printing and distributing custom t-shirts.  Here is a great article I found that outlines 5 people who should market with custom t-shirts.  One might think that custom t-shirt marketing is not for them, but everyone from comedians to pizza parlors can benefit from it.

This brings up an important point to remember: always remember to include contact information.  Your shirt WILL be noticed, and you want to be sure that anyone interested will be able to find your business, either online or practically.  A standard advertising shirt is comprised of a logo in the middle, a tagline beneath that, and a web address or phone number at the bottom. 

Good luck designing custom shirts for your business.  Keep checking back for more art and design tips and tricks.


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